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Strength To Overcome Adversity

BlogPosted by Addie McCafferty Sun, April 09, 2017 13:21:59
Adversity is the type of company that comes in many disguises, whether it's
misfortune, trouble, betrayal, difficulty, some sort of hardship, affliction, tribulation, trauma or some kind of pain. Adversity has a way of knocking on our front door and finding its way into our lives uninvited. We all have had our lives touched by this visitor at one time or another. The good news is that there is encouragement available to you and strength to overcome that visitor called “Adversity.” While taping the show for my weekly web series, “Wisdom Breaks with Dr. Addie”, this question was presented:”...How to remain patient through all adversity?”

My pastor told me one time that a mentor of his encouraged him with the following:

“Every David will have at least one Saul in their lives, and every Joseph will walk through the betrayal of those they have loved dearest and

This statement holds true and was very encouraging to me. Oftentimes we like to think that our friendship circle is solid and that those we chose to place there are a sure thing. However, we forget that life brings about a change in ourselves as well as others. This change can be for better or for worse. The changes that occur within us can breed jealousy and envy in others. We have all had friends that have come in and out of our lives for one reason or another. That is a part of living and growing. Sometimes we just outgrow people.

However, there are those who remain whom we call true friends. These are the ones we trust to be there to celebrate us, to cry with us and to laugh with us. These are the friends that you can share your innermost personal secrets with. It is when one of our so-called “friends” betrays us that hurt us the most.

How do we overcome such devastating pain? Well for me, it took my faith in God and
a lot of being “intentional” to work on my heart to bring healing and make sure I didn’t allow bitterness and unforgiveness to take root and, if it did take root, to get it out with a quickness. This way I would not allow what had occur to hurt me twice. By walking in unforgiveness I would only be hurting myself. It breeds negativity and draws that type of energy into your life. I knew I had a mission to accomplish and there was no time for that. You see, the enemy of your soul knows sometimes more often than you that you are created for something bigger than what you even realize. If the enemy of your soul can utilize the tools of bitterness and unforgiveness to hinder you, than it will be so.

When I wrote “Beyond Betrayal; Standing in the Midst of Adversity” I had no idea that dealing with my pain would be a healing tool for others. I'm here to let you know that there is hope in the midst of the pain. God deserves the right to turn evil into good. Know for certain that God sees you and loves you. I know it doesn't always feel good; however, believe me; God is working for your good. I never get too worried because I know that God works in everything for my good. Two mantras that I often quote are (1) “love like you've never been hurt” and (2)
“when life serves you lemons make lemonade.”

When you apply these two mantras to your life, in the midst of adversity they will lift
your spirit and remind you that God works situations together for your good and squeezes a final blessing out of anything. Some people often say “that which doesn't make you bitter will make you better.” Most of all, I am encouraging you to stand in the midst of your adversity and get beyond the betrayal (McCafferty, 2015).


McCafferty, A. (2015). Beyond betrayal: Standing in the midst of adversity. Bishopville, SC:Pure Thoughts.

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